Catnip (Nepeta cataria) is an aromatic mint family plant. It is a gentle antispasmodic known for relieving indigestion and gas, while its aromatic constituents support the body to make digestive juices which helps with assimilation of food + nutrients. Catnip is also worked with as a sedative and a nervine to alleviate sleeplessness in a gentle yet effective way.

Catnip is generally a good relaxant for people experiencing panic or nervousness, particularly when these feelings express themselves in the gut.  Anxiety that is felt through a constricted stomach is a good indication to work with this fragrant, delicious plant. Catnip is also known to dispel headaches and help sweat out a fever, owing this power to it’s volatile oils that bring circulation to the peripheries and dilate blood vessels.

Ingredients: Catnip (Nepeta cataria), alcohol, filtered rain water.

Suggested Practice: one dropperful up to 3-4 times daily mixed with a little water or juice. Start on the lower end of the spectrum and see how it feels in your body.

Cautions: Consult with a health care provider before using while pregnant.

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