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the Medicine Grove

small scale young farmers//community herbalist//textile weavers.

WE ARE devoted to growing certified organic herbs
& creating botanical goods + textiles ecologically

hello, we are SÁri & kem, two small farmers committed to stewardship and nurturing a future of well-being, ecological abundance and beauty for all species. we live with unceded Gumbaynggirr land & honour their ongoing connection and sovereignty within this land.

small farming + herbalism is a way for us to nurture biodiversity and landscape + community health. we tend diverse food & medicinal plants on less than 2 acres of production under agroecological farming practices. our herbs are grown in a loved and healthy landscape surrounded by sub-tropical rainforest which we also steward and tend.

our woven textiles are hand made with natural and recycled materials on a Japanese floor loom. weaving is a way for us to practice ancestral skills, create ethical garments and foster experience in the agrarian, mythic craft of connecting warp and weft. each piece is unique.

through exploring how to live in reciprocity with land and produce what we + our community needs to thrive in a regenerative, earth honouring way, we aspire to repair our shared environment and re-establish relationships of care with our more-than-human world. the soil. the waters. seeds. trees. fruit. root. the life gifting nature which we all belong to.

place-based living + human scale making are ways we explore ethical and regenerative living. community herbalism is how we practice making the privilege of land & herbal education beneficial to the wider ecosystem of care.

our herbal and textile enterprise is rooted in a philosophy of care and environmental custodianship. we evoke the place-based mentality + ethics of our earth loving ancestors, as well as listening + learning from present day peasant and traditional peoples around the world. landback, land access, a revival of the commons and the flourishing of Indigenous culture is vital to our visions of a prosperous earth.

from seed to skin + body, our herbal production focuses on high quality and potency. we harvest at peak vitality and our human scale processing ensure only the most vibrant herbs make it to you. our packaging + shipping is 100% recyclable/compostable. we are a diy business doing everything from sowing seeds, raising plants, product manufacturing & label printing in house, this allows us to keep pollution and costs down. we do this so our herbal provisions can be more affordable. after all, what’s the point of community herbalism if those most in need of grass-roots health care can’t access it?

we seek to build deep relationships with the plants and our environment, whilst giving back to our community and gumbaynggirr traditional owners through mutual aid networks + paying the rent. we stand for food sovereignty, ecological & herbal justice, which recognizes the interconnection between social & environmental issues and seeks to remedy them through system change via imagining + working towards accessible herbalism + nutritional food for all, environmental stewardship & building webs of solidarity across social/agroecological movements.

learn with us + the land

Kem + sΓ‘ri are both institutionally & grass-roots trained in agroecology, sustainability and herbalism. come and work alongside us if you’d like learn and deepen skills in these areas.