Bright and sunny Calendula (Calendula officinalis) in tincture form, is helpful in encouraging a well moving and draining lymphatic system. It is worked with to stimulate the drainage of inflamed lymph nodes and is a specific lymph in breast and pelvis tissue. Because of Calendula’s lymphatic action, it also supports the immune response.

Calendula is mildly bitter and thus encourages liver function, which can facilitate appropriate hormone clearance, vibrant skin, and digestion + assimilation of nutrition from food. The bitter flavour also helps down regulate our nervous systems into a parasympathetic state-  “rest + digest”, by initiating the hormones of the digestive cascade. Typically we are only able to ‘digest’ when we are safe from danger/stress/overwhelm. Working with bitter flavours can support accessing this state more frequently.

As an emmenagogue Calendula has a reputation of encouraging delayed menstruation and easing painful periods. This mode of action is connected to the herbs hepatic (liver supporting) qualities. Known to heal epithelial tissue on our skin, Calendula also works to repair epithelial tissue that we have internally – including the GI tract so this herb is an ally for those who may need to restore integrity to their gut.

Ingredients: Calendula (Calendula officinalis), alcohol.

Suggested Practice: one dropperful  up to 3-4 times daily mixed with a little water or juice.  Start on the lower end of the spectrum and see how it feels in your body.

Cautions: Overdose of Calendula tincture may cause stomach upset, nausea or vomiting. Consult with health care provider before using while pregnant.

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