Tall and glowing green Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) has a plethora of herbal qualities. She is a nervine with particular affinity for the cardiovascular system, calming anxiety related heart issues. If you experience anxiety, panic or stress (sometimes felt as constriction) in the upper part of the body and in your chest/heart, Motherwort can be a helpful ally to relax and ease this tension.

Because of Motherwort’s heart affinity, this herb is excellent during times of personal/collective grief. Leonurus cardiaca means lion’s heart and this herb can help us connect with our inner strength during times of grief + loss + the dying of old worlds while a more loving one is born. This form of strength can express as a softening and allowing of the grief/mourning process. Motherwort creates a feeling of safety in the body which allows us to honour the grief transition and be with it in a genuine way, while being supported by the plant kindom and green ancestors. The grief of modernity and it’s isolating scaffolding is a eased by working with Motherwort.

Traditionally a female herb (suitable for all genders with a uterus or those who carry an energetic regenerative center), Motherwort tonifies and stimulates this area, which can include encouraging labour or the placenta to move downwards and release after birth. Motherwort also knows how to stimulate a stagnant and sluggish menstruation, while easing painful cramping.

As a strong bitter, Motherwort also encourages digestive function and supports the hepatic system.

Suggested Practice: one dropperful up to 2-4 times daily mixed with some water or juice.  Start on the lower end of the spectrum and see how it feels in your body.

Cautions: Motherwort is contraindicated in pregnancy though some experienced midwife herbalists may use it occasionally with caution. Use with caution in hypothyroid conditions. If your menstrual period is already heavy, it’s best to only work with Motherwort in the first half of your cycle and discontinue regular use if you notice your period is heavier than usual (and undesired).

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