This one is specially hand crafted and formulate for all the birthing bodies and mothers! A vital part of a herbal birth/postpartum healing basket, our afterpains tinctures is designed to ease the tension and discomfort that comes when a uterus is contracting back to it’s regular size after pushing a small human out of it (no small feat!)


Motherwort –  is known and shown to alleviate cramping and pain (antispasmodic) in the reproductive area. In TCM it is often worked with to prevent postpartum haemorrhage, thanks to her uterotonic constituents, helping bring appropriate structure back to the relaxed and well worked tissues of the uterus after birth.  Combined with this herbs nervine and bitter qualities, it is excellent for easing the emotional afterpains of birth as well, by physiologically supporting the nervous system into a parasympathetic state and encouraging liver clearance so that the radical amounts of hormones a birthing body has to deal with, can be processed and eliminated with greater ease. Motherwort (as the name suggests), is a much loved and traditionally worked with herb for mothers/caregivers/parents.

Cramp bark –  Another powerful antispasmodic and uterotonic, cramp bark is a trusted friend when it comes to easing pain and discomfort in the pelvic and uterine region, as it has a particular affinity for the smooth muscles of the uterus. It is also a nervine, adding to the relaxing qualities of this formula.

Catnip – A delicious, fragrant antispasmodic herb that also relieves anxiety (making it easier to be present post-birth) and dissipates afterpains effectively.

Ginger – A warming, uterine tonic, ginger brings fresh blood flow (and thus oxygen) to the whole pelvic and uterine region, which helps bring down inflammation and relaxes overly tense tissues. Ginger is vital in the postpartum period to help bring heat back into the body.

After you’ve recovered from birth, any left over tincture can be used to ease emotional tension that may arise during parenting, as well as helping balance and ease menstrual pains and cramping when your cycle returns. Because herbs are so diverse in their constituents and our extracts work with high grade alcohol and fresh plants to get a full spectrum formula, there are a variety of ways to work with this formula that fall outside of the reproductive arena, including for digestive and nervous system discomforts. Stress, anxiety, indigestion, bloating, gas and sluggish liver are some qualities that come to mind! We encourage you to learn about these herbs and see where their chemical magic may be able of assistance to you.

Most plants in this formula are all organically and agroecologically farm grown (except for the crampbark which is sourced certified organic) and handmade by us in small batches with a lot of love.

Recommended way to work with this tincture: Take two – three droppers after birth every hour as needed, ( and/or one – two droppers every 4 hours in well established labour). Every body is different so dosage will vary but start on a lower end of the spectrum and increase dosage as needed.

Ingredients: Motherwort, Cramp bark, Ginger, Catnip alcohol extract.

50ml bottle

Weight 0.106 kg
Dimensions 3.87 × 3.87 × 8.76 cm