Tulsi (Ocimum sanctum) is, according to ancient Indian traditional lore, a manifestation of the Divine Mother on Earth, here for the benefit of all creation. Through a phytochemical lens, this makes sense, as the complex and synergistic array of compounds found in Tulsi support a variety of health conditions to support and nourish the human organism. As Tulsi grows in our fields, the plant also feeds hundreds of pollinators, benefiting the more-than-human world simultaneously.

Tulsi is like a warm hug from a loving grandmother. A ray of sun after a stormy night. That soothing sense of everything is going to be alright, even if the times are challenging; because we belong to the Earth and have the nurturing of plantcestors to support us. We are not alone in the struggle for liberation and change. 

Tulsi is considered a reliable digestive, nervine, exhilarant, circulatory stimulant/relaxant, adaptogen, diaphoretic, hypoglycemic and anti-microbial plant. In particular, the nervine and adaptogenic qualities of nervine can benefit most people living in late-stage capitalism.

As a gentle adaptogenic plant, Tulsi helps reduce the deleterious effects of stress, both physical and psychological, while building capacity into the nervous system to increase our window of tolerance. This helps us respond to stress with more flexibility and stay connected to our feelings, rather than overwhelmed by them. This lovely plant enhances physical and mental endurance by optimising the assimilation of oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream. Tulsi is also helpful during times of cold, flu and fever.

Ingredients: tulsi leaf + flower*, vodka

* agroecologically grown on our farm under organic + regenerative practices

Suggested Practice: one dropperful up to 2-4 times daily mixed with a little water or juice.  Start on the lower end of the spectrum and see how it feels in your body.

Cautions: Consult with your healthcare provider if taking blood-sugar lowering medication as Tulsi can amplify their effects 

Acknowledgement: This plant is a part of the Indian medicinal plant lineage and we are grateful and filled with respect for the stewards of Tulsi who have helped promote Tulsi’s cultivation and medicinal knowledge, despite ongoing forms of colonialism and predatory capitalism. May working with this herb inspire us to reflect on our power and unique gifts in the journey of creating a liberated world.

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