welcome to the medicine grove journal

welcome to the medicine grove journal + farm store

we are so grateful and happy that you are here.

I’m Sari (she/her), the grower, community herbalist and textile weaver who is one half of the medicine grove organic farm + store. Kem (he/him) is the completing half, he is a committed and passionate farmer, steward and all round earth legend!

we are beloveds and best friends and try to infuse all that we offer to the world with a lot of heart and care. together we are creating a certified organic, small farm in the forest of unceded Gumbaynggirr land and are learning much along the way!

both of us have a passion for agroecological activism, regenerative living and writing, so this journal is a place where we shall share musings, knowledge and inquiries into a diverse range of things that all center around transformation of systems into equitable, bountiful, repaired and thriving, dynamic landscapes. for people, for the environment on which we depend, for the exquisite creatures we share our earth home with. and of course for the plants who we are devoted to growing and tending daily.

you can also expect to read about herbalism and plant wisdom as i (sari) follow the verdant path of becoming a clinically trained, community herbalist. there will be a wide array of explorations into the intersections between well-being, farming, traditional skills and social/ecological justice. we really invite your thoughts and perspectives, questions and curiosities, and encourage interacting through the comment function.

we have been living on Gumbaynggirr country, close to Bellingen, for just over a year. most of our time is spent here regenerating soil, growing plant diversity and tending to the landscape. alongside a lot of hard, dirty, tiring mechanical labour as we establish our land-based enterprise. this website has been brewing for a while and like all aspirations that are intended to honour nature, it will shift and morph with the seasons. but for now, a quick hello and welcome!

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