Hello family and friends!

We are excited to celebrated with you all soon, it’s a beautiful time of year on Gumbaynggirr Country! We’ve put together some information that will be handy for the day.

Location: 592 Gordonville Road –  we’ll have some colourful signs out the front so it’s easy to see the entrance to our drive. BE CAREFUL – sometimes maps applications will take drivers west out of Bellingen via Waterfall Way and show the best route as the river crossing. This is incorrect. The best way to come is to cross Lavender’s Bridge and head north towards Gleniffer via Gleniffer Road.

We’ve set the ceremony to be at 2pm as it’s getting dark earlier now. If guests could please start arriving from 1:15pm that would be appreciated. Uncle Micklo will be opening our ceremony and is coming from an event that finishes at 1pm; there may be some joyful milling around in the afternoon sun until he arrives.

Our place does not have abundant parking so we will have parking marshalls guiding people into spots and designated areas for folks with kids and access needs. The grass may be slippery so please go slow and call for help if required!

If possible please organise a carpool up to our place with your friends and family.

Our neighbours have kindly allowed us to use their front paddock so some groups can leave one car at the front to jump in with their carpool buddies for a ride up to our place. There will be signs so it’ll be easy to tell where the neighbours parking is and a comfortable waiting spot for those getting a lift in a carpool. We’ll also be connecting friends with each other on fb messenger to organise carpools for folks with spare seats (just from the front of the property).

Please drive slowly on the driveway (30km/h). It can be narrow and is gravel at some points (2WD fine just go slowly especially around corners). Once you get up to our place (1km along the road from our neighbours) you will see marshalls and colourful plastic markers on the ground indicating parking spots.

It is getting chillier so please dress warm and comfortable. Our wedding is laid back, folky casual – so dress as you please. The sun is behind trees by about 3.30pm so do bring jumpers and jackets. Flat shoes are highly recommended. Guests are welcome to store warm gear inside the house till the evening. If it is going to rain we will be in touch again with advice.

There will be 2 vegetarian soups and some other yummies. Local friends – we are asking (if you have capacity), to please bring a plate to share. A semi catered – semi potluck style wedding feast! Friends/family travelling up – we don’t expect you to bring anything since the journey is already quite the mission but if you’d like to anyway – cheese or fruit for the grazing table is welcome. There are a few folks with nut allergies so maybe just leave any nuts as a side add in.

There will be wine and beer available after the ceremony however we are keeping a minimal bar to help focus on connection and celebration without too much alcohol involved. Soft drinks will be available on arrival. Please be mindful to drink responsibly and please no drink driving! There are lots of lovely places in town to have a night cap or party into the evening.

We have an unfenced dam so if everyone could please keep a communal eye on the young ones to make sure no one goes in. Kem’s shed will be cordoned off but again it’s great if everyone can remind young ones to not go in there, if you see them venturing that way. We live in the forest so there are also critters about including the occasional snake (though they will probably be resting by the afternoon). We’ll have bug repellant available. If you have any insects allergies please come prepared.

Most importantly – enjoy wandering through the gardens and the forest at dusk, it’s a very special place! Bring instruments, stories or songs you’d like to jam with or share by the fire in the evening! Hayley will also be hosting some group singing from around 4pm.

Thank you all so much again from the bottom of our hearts for making the journey and being a part of our ceremony and rite of passage. Please reach out with any questions.