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organic tulsi elixir

tulsi (Ocimum africanum), also known as holy basil is a traditional, medicinal herb of India and East Africa with a wide variety of historical applications. this plant ally is a powerful adaptogenic nervine supporting our bodies to cope and adapt to stress more effectively, building resilience in our nervous and endocrine systems. tulsi’s flavour is sweet. aromatic and pungent, with just the right amount of bitter to get circulating and warm in our digestive and circulatory systems.

the relaxant and digestive qualities of tulsi encourage our bodies to shift into a parasympathetic state while other facets support our endocrine and hepatic pathway to regulate cortisol levels. also a generous exhilarant, tulsi may help brighten our mood and lift our spirit, especially when there are states of stagnation and tension in the body contributing to feeling low or stuck. the strong aromatic qualities and wide array of constituents within this fragrant plant supports this action. combined tulsi has: nervine, exhilarant, adaptogen, digestive, hepatic, hypoglycemic, antimicrobial, diffusive, circulatory stimulant/relaxant, diaphoretic qualities.

our tulsi is certified organically grown on our small-scale, agroecological farm. it is flavorful, potent and made with love + care. an elixir is the combination of an alcohol (organic vodka 40% abv) and honey extract of the tulsi plant. the sweet flavour and health benefits of raw honey are intact through our preparation techniques whilst the overall elixir has a caramel and aromatic note. it’s a household provision for the whole family, through all seasons of the year and life. tulsi is truly a best-friend for bodies living through these times of converging global inequalities and collapses, helping us stay centered, nourished and able to show up with our hearts and minds vital and enduring.

ingredients: certified organic tulsi, certified organic vodka, local raw honey.

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