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This tulsi elixir is a nourishing tonic for the body and spirit. Ocimum sanctum is a traditional herb of India, which grows robustly in many parts of the world. A member of the mint family, tulsi is highly aromatic and is one of those plants with a wide ranging mechanism of support for bodies experiencing prolonged stress, blood sugar regulation issues, difficulty with concentration and feelings of overwhelm

“Many in vitro, animal and human studies attest to tulsi having multiple therapeutic actions including adaptogenic, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, cardioprotective, and immunomodulatory effects.” In everyday terms, this translates to – Tulsi has your back, you heart, your spirit. Tulsi wants to see you show up to your life with generosity and loyalty. Empowered to bring your skills and visions to the table of change-making and reckoning.

Tulsi has the capacity to rebuild and replenish the nervous system, which over time can help us feel more comfortable and content with the seasons of life. For people engaged in remedying social and ecological justice, tulsi is a staunch friend, helping increase a sense of possibility and imagination.

We’ve been cultivating a friendship with Tulsi for the last two years, and feel ready to share the goodness of this herbal provision with you! Tulsi has supported us deeply and gently during times of transition.

Ingredients: Organic tulsi extract in raw local honey, organic tulsi extract in vodka.

Work with this plant daily, 2-3 droppers, or more when required during times of heightened stress or depletion.




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