A trusted all round healer and nourisher for our skin, this balm has been hand crafted using our farm grown organic, full-bloom calendula and chamomile. It smells like spring and sweetness in a jar. Calendula is known for her ability to repair skin tissue, making it an excellent topical for mending scars, scratches, bites, rashes and dry skin conditions. Calendula is a well researched and studied emollient and vulnerary.

Chamomile! What is not to adore about this happy little flower which most of us have a fond relationship with. Topically chamomile is antiseptic, astringent and is also a powerful vulnerary. Known to soothe the skin, chamomile is gentle and safe to use on many different body types and ages, including young children and babies (as long you know that they are not allergic to the asteraceae family).

Our formula is made using a method that ensures we extract as many resinous compounds from the Calendula as possible (as this is where her most potent medicinal compounds are). We do this by infusing an alcohol extract (resins extract best in alcohol, not oil) into the organic macadamia oil extract of calendula + chamomile and then evaporating the alcohol off slowly, so that only the resins stay behind, suspended in the oil. We use all local ingredients for this powerhouse of a salve that can be used anywhere on the body.

Reach for this balm when dry skin is an issue, for rashes and discomfort on young + elderly skin (and everyone in between), when wanting to heal a scar or a wound (that is sealed/not open), itchy skin, growing bellies, sore nipples, chafing and general skin love + care.

Ingredients: Calendula flowers, Chamomile flowers,  organic cold-pressed macadamia oil, calendula ethanol extract and local ethical beeswax.

Jar size – 60ml

Weight 0.130 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 6 cm